What Are the Benefits of Regenerative Joint Injections?

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Natural age and conditions like arthritis can cause your joints to wear out over time. This leads to problems like decreased mobility and prevents us from participating in our favorite sports, running, or even climbing the stairs. If you're suffering from long-lasting joint pain, or if you've been told that your arthritis is getting worse, you may be interested in learning about regenerative joint injections.

Regenerative medicine is the practice of regenerating damaged cells to restore normal function. These treatments provided by Coastal Health reduce pain for patients in Forks, Port Townsend, Joyce, and Port Angeles, WA, stimulate your body’s repair processes, and prompt your tissues to heal from within. Dr. Alisha Detorres and Dr. Jessica Panza can help you get started with these injections when you call for a consultation.

What are regenerative joint injections?

Joint issues can cause moderate to severe pain. You may be feeling discomfort on a daily basis or only when working out. Regenerative injection therapy uses dextrose as a pain suppressant and anti-inflammatory to ease your pain and make you feel more comfortable. Best of all, treatment requires no surgery and can be administered during a simple office visit. So, if you have joint pain from arthritis or carpal tunnel, we can help you live a better, virtually pain-free life. Injections can be administered into the following areas:

  • Knee

  • Shoulder

  • Elbow

  • Wrist

  • Spine

  • Ankle

Who should get regenerative injection therapy?

Joint injections are not just for men and women with arthritis. Patients with upper or lower back pain, sprains, tendonitis, and even carpal tunnel can find relief with the help of this advanced treatment. However, regenerative joint injections are not for everyone. The specialists at Coastal Health need to perform a detailed exam before making any recommendations. By understanding your health history and the cause of your pain, we can help you manage it in the best way possible.

How do regenerative joint injections work?

Joint injections take place in one of our private treatment rooms in Port Angeles, WA. Our professionals begin by asking patients to lie back while we apply a local anesthetic. We may perform an ultrasound to find the right location for your injection. Our staff takes every precaution to make sure you are comfortable throughout the process. When finished, patients can apply a cool pack to minimize any discomfort.

After regenerative joint injections, many patients report a reduction in pain. However, it may take 2 – 3 days to notice the full results of your treatment. Over time, those who receive regenerative injection therapy often find that they no longer use medications to manage their discomfort. Some people avoid the need for surgery or other invasive procedures. Remember to attend all follow-up appointments as directed by our team.

Find relief from joint pain

We’ve covered the basics of regenerative joint injections and their benefits, but there are many more details to learn! If you have more questions about what these treatments entail or if you would like to schedule an appointment at Coastal Health in Port Angeles, WA, call Dr. Alisha Detorres and Dr. Jessica Panza. With so many people in Forks, Port Townsend, and Joyce, PA experiencing pain relief from this type of treatment, it may be worth giving them a try!

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